Distractions are all around us and make us blind to our potential though aware of  the others’ skills. All that we create, say or  do is a parenthesis enclosed in the square brackets of the other’s braces .

People is perplexed by the success or the light that surrounds a successful man or woman, but they are still blind to their own change, their progress, or their own leading star.

We shouldn’t let the worst part of us prevail because it makes the sails of fear swell, leading to lack of motivation and inertia. We keep going and going following our pathway, listening to our heart and just touching softly the best part of ourselves thus finding out its uniqueness which makes of us unique individuals. That’s our heritage which generates wealth. Let’s give it more confidence (again), it pays for itself! It can hold its head firmly in the vortex of an electrifying waltz; It can challenge the moonlight, along sweetly scented paths ; it can safely climb over a gate, cross a thorny hedge without getting caught, it can go down a slippery path without falling; it can hear the sirens still keeping the rudder stop (OUR BEST PART).

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