Living in a creative way

The world is more an more complex and competitive, so today we must not only be able to produce, but also, and above all, to produce innovation. Being creative means to invent, finding new ways, being oriented to words the positive, in any situation you, looking for new solutions, thinking that things are the way … Leggi tutto Living in a creative way


Threads of happiness

Foto di Eric LaMontagne This book was born on a day when my son, Lorenzo, while playing in the garden of a shopping center, at one point running towards me, asked me a few coins. When I asked him what he wanted to do with it, he replied with his glittering eyes full of tenderness, "I … Leggi tutto Threads of happiness

Next to the fireplace

Foto di maggie.5150 In all the old cultures, the supreme moment of life has always been to be together around the fire while eating the meal. A cult that we no longer find  lost in today's society, and that in my humble opinion it is necessary to revive. I mean we should sit at the table, … Leggi tutto Next to the fireplace

The inspirational blogger

L'idea è la seguente: Avvisare il collega blogger del nuovo post che state scrivendo, grazie all’ispirazione nata dalla lettura di un suo post precedente. Scrivere il nuovo post , ringraziando e citando il blogger ispiratore all’inizio dell’articolo. Il blogger ispiratore(riconoscente) reblogga l’articolo e lo pubblicizza attraverso i suoi canali di social media. The idea is … Leggi tutto The inspirational blogger

The factory of thoughts

Foto di Moyan_Brenn I want to work on my own and fulfill my dream of bling  an entrepreneur: because I have got money to invest, because I’ve asked for a loan to a bank, or because I won the lottery (what a luck!). Opening  a blog is also a form of entrepreneurship (being the entrepreneur of … Leggi tutto The factory of thoughts

Oh My God, who has been driving in the last five minutes?

Foto di ERiC.CHU Thank you, simply thank you, Anna of annamyworldofmakeup for writing my name I would also like to Thank you to the inventor of the tag "The car I dream" of by violetadyliopinionistapercaso2 We bloggers are always looking for new ideas and new sources to improve our blog and make it grow. Why not … Leggi tutto Oh My God, who has been driving in the last five minutes?

I ‘m getting along well with it : maybe you could do it too !

Io ce la sto facendo: forse potresti farcela anche tu! La strategia della pagina degli ospiti  è la seguente: Creazione di una pagina degli ospiti all'interno del vostro blog (se non la sai creare, scrivi a e ti dirò come fare.) baratto del link del blog ( il tuo link sul mio blog, ed … Leggi tutto I ‘m getting along well with it : maybe you could do it too !


WHAT I CAN.... Hello....,with the present I am sending you the synoptic digital marketing plan (free trial for 7 days )   The aim of the digital marketing plan is to show the validity of my offer, with a detailed demonstration of the traffic generated on your shop page.   Steps of my digital marketing … Leggi tutto WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU