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Women are the historic heiresses of the angel of the hearth who loves wearing new garments that enhance their beauty, finally free from any kind of preconceptions.

Women the fairer sex (even if not only women, but also men, have lately become more alert in the care of their image ) feel happy when wearing a dress whether expensive or not chosen according to their creativity and imagination. They want to convey something to to others , a way of communicating, an endless text to be deciphered, a way to share moods, emotions and passions.

A particular type of clothing whether we like it or not,affects us just like the doctor’s uniform causes strange effects such as fear and alienation.On the contrary the view of a beautiful item of clothing such as a nice colorful sweater (like the one on a blog that I follow, precisely ilcuoredibeatrix) arouses in us positive effects such as approach, aggregation, radiance and therefore happiness.

The blog quoted earlier, brought back to my mind the memory (of my adolescence) of when my mother sewed a handmade sweater for me creating a model I had found him on a football magazine, where my favorite football player was wearing it.

Even though that sweater has been worn so many times it still keeps its beauty and it is still one of my items of clothing. When I’m in a blue mood I like wearing it and for me this gesture is highly therapeutic. Perhaps because those stranded threads of wool (or happiness) , still retain, the slow and painstaking movement of my mother’s hands, the yellowish light of those evenings spent in the kitchen listening to the crackling of the wood coming from the fireplace, my happiness in following step by step the end of the packaging, and finally (but the greatest thing) the love of a mother.

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