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This book was born on a day when my son, Lorenzo, while playing in the garden of a shopping center, at one point running towards me, asked me a few coins. When I asked him what he wanted to do with it, he replied with his glittering eyes full of tenderness, “I want to make a little dog happy.” He  they needed  the money to buy food to “Fulvetto”; That’s the name he had given the  stray dog that had approached him while he was playing. Very gently and euphoric he held near that little dog, he looked at him, caressed him, talked to him, but all of a sudden my little boy fell silent. When Lorenzo is so quiet I can feel a sweet fear, because I know that he is about to ask a very difficult question to which I will have to answer. And the question , arrived: “Dad, why men are not as happy as Fulvetto?” How could I answer this I could  question with the first thing I could think of?


Lorenzo is a six and a half years bou so I told him: “Look, Lorenzo,it is a difficult question but I will give you an answer. But not now just, leave me some time and I will answer your question. Meanwhile some people gathered, all around us he gathered some. They looked happy while looking  at a happy child (who, in turn, had  made someone happy) running and play along with that little dog (in short, a sum of happiness!). What such a wonderful  emotion in feeling , the essence of happiness tangibly spreading among us. (A real contagion, I would say) So I began to really think about why people are not happy. I thought about it a lot, but then being a good mathematician I came to the conclusion that total happiness does not exist, but there are many little threads of happiness. Then I decided to answer  my son’s  question  in the form of a story, entitled “threads of happiness” The goal that I gave  myself  as a blogger (or writer this is up to you) is sharing this story (since  writing is a form of sharing which tells of those little threads of happiness (sometimes not taken into account) that make us feel really well. The special feature of this ebook is that while writing the stories depicting the small pleasures of life, I was inspired by your blogs (so I will quote you and will put the appropriate links to them). I hope that this will make you happy (perhaps it will be another thread of happiness ).

See you soon


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