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Thank you, simply thank you, Anna of annamyworldofmakeup for writing my name

I would also like to Thank you to the inventor of the tag “The car I dream” of by violetadyliopinionistapercaso2

We bloggers are always looking for new ideas and new sources to improve our blog and make it grow.

Why not taking a cue from our colleagues, then?

Reading (initiatives in general) our colleagues posts, could be a good start to make our imagination more vivid and crisp. (Don’t you think so?). I would like to try (I’m doing it now) this new path: from my point of iview it could lead to satisfactory results for all.

To be honest, tags do not make me crazy but It makes me happy, to give a small contribution to a colleague, and to be honest, I could turn up the coin and also consider them as a springboard for new enterprises.

If I had rejected the invitation without thinking about it , maybe my new idea wouldn’t have come to my mind. You’re going to find out what this idea is all about in exactly 10 seconds.

In the past a women who inspired a poets was defined a “muse”: hence the term “muse”, referred to those women who inspired emotions and ideas to the poet while in composing is emotional poetry.

Do you agree with me that the name “tag” sounds a little old? Let’s face it, very often The tag is considered as those chain letters that we once found, in our mailbox: those letters which we promptly tore into pieces to avoid a mysterious curse caused by breaking of the chain.

Wouldn’t it be is not it better, if we really want to be viral to adopt a new strategy?

So, the idea is the following:

1. Tell my fellow bloggers about the new post that you are writing , the inspiration you got from reading one of his/her previous post.

2.Write the new post, thanking and quoting the inspiring blogger at the beginning of the article.

3. The inspirational blogger ; who is grateful reblogs the article and advertises it through his/her social media channels.

We will call this idea call “You are my muse: title of the post ” or “You are my inspirational blogger ……”


Thanks to the muse, (or the inspirational blogger) of the tag “The car of my dreams” to violetadyliopinionistapercaso2 and thanks to the naming of annamyworldofmakeup the following posts were born.

NB: When I press the publish button, just over 700 followers will be notified of this post (and they are all true, not like those who buy them though!)


“Oh My God, but who has been driving in the last five minutes?

Hase it ever happened to you that while driving car lost yourself in your thoughts and suddenly you lifted up your eyes exclaiming:

Oh My God, who has been driving in the last five minutes?

Perhaps our guardian angel, our subconscious.

We usually do not consider stratospheric goals, because there’s always the little voice in our head that tells us “Who are you kidding ?.

When we have a big goal to be pursued, our brain tends to reject it, as if it were a lie. Our belly grumbles and does not believe that you can achieve it. Many bloggers close their blogs (their creation), only a step away fromsuccess, because they do not believe in themselves and underestimate their skills.

Let’s imagine that our brain is divided into two equal parts. The top half is the conscious mind and the lower half is our subconscious.

Questions like “Will I be a 1000 followers blogger?” (this mechanism is true in general) continually try to find accommodation in our heads, but the conscious brain says “Row on!” Instantly it rejects the grandiose idea and relaunches it as a crazy tennis ball.

On the contrary if within us we decide that with extreme confidence , we can do it and begin to develop a plan, an extraordinary thing happens: a wonderful growing confidence will show us brighten clouds and will make us see a clear and calm . At this point the target enters the subconscious, rolls up his sleeves and begins to work turning our dreams into reality.

It’s in that precise moment that the magie takes place!


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