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In all the old cultures, the supreme moment of life has always been to be together around the fire while eating the meal. A cult that we no longer find  lost in today’s society, and that in my humble opinion it is necessary to revive. I mean we should sit at the table, while eating the poetry of food, talking of the events of the day. Children tells of their school day, whilist parents talk about  the things that happened during their working hours, all projected from that moment, in the future, planning what to do at the weekend, or talking about our plans for holidays when summer approaches. I find that sharing our experience of everyday life (the ancients did it around the fire) we do it by the fireplace , and (why not?) adding  interludes  that enrich and give a nice contribution to this ancestral fragment of life.

This chapter, the second of this book, was born thanks to  a blog that I follow, called  “next to the fireplace” ( containing  recipes which, in my opinion, are very tasty. I like to think of the work and on the outline (a mixed salad of love and passion) that is behind these dishes. Think of the precision in choosing the raw materials: buy the best vegetables, the meat of choice, the freshest seafood; and the thoroughness of their preparation. It ‘goes without saying that those who love cooking, love their food and feelings, which end up together, it on table. Personally I dare not escape the slowness of the first wise bite , because it is precisely at this stage that alchemy peeps; at this stage you can  perceive the atomic disintegration of flavors, passion and the smile of that dish. This makes me feel very HAPPY.

Every meal, no matter how simple, contains a multiplicity of stories: the story of the farmer who planted and cultivated the carrot, the fruit vendor who sold it to the market and the cook who cooked it.That vintner who has cultivated the vine and produced wine and perhaps that of the wine journey from one country to another.

And when at the end of the day, the family members sit at the  at the table to share the simple life experience of enjoying a meal  inevitably they interweave their stories and simultaneously speak of other stories.I would that define a mix of happiness threads which let us share and tell our life.

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  1. Beautiful post. I like how you dive in to “inception” of stories each meal carry. People that took invisible part in helping to make it possible to serve it.
    I am trying to sit down with my family every few evenings right in front of our wall mounted fireplace to tell stories and share our highlights. This makes our family bonded and united.
    Thanks for this post!

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