Ognuno di noi vuole far decollare il suo blog: ma ci vuole energia.

Each of us wants his blog to take off, but it takes energy.

Parliamoci chiaro, il nostro blog è parte di noi, è una nostra creatura, forse è la parte più profonda del nostro “sé”: Siamo sempre in attesa di un  “mi piace” o di un commento positivo, e quando arriva ragazzi….. è festa! Chi di voi non guarda le statistiche? La barra dell’istogramma è sempre troppo bassa, e la nostra autostima va giù.

Let’s face it, our blog is part of us, perhaps the deepest part of our “self” : We are always waiting for a “like” or a positive comment, and when we get it, guys…..it’s party! Is There anyone among you guys who does not look at the stats? The histogram bar is always too low, and our sel-esteem goes down.


Vorrei invitare tutti i  blogger a  farsi pubblicità gratis, senza spendere neanche un euro. La mia idea (ma aspetterò anche la tua) è la creazione di una pagina degli ospiti. Essa è un messaggio più forte, che suscita curiosità ,che spinge l’utente ad aprirla e consultarla. E’ più forte della sezione ” I blog che seguo” .

I would urge all bloggers to get free advertising, without spending a euro . My idea ( but I’m also waiting for yours) is to create a page for guests. It is a stronger message , which arouses curiosity ,  pushing  the user to open it and read it.  It is stronger than the ” Blogs I Follow” section. 

In 3 mesi il mio blog ha generato migliaia di visualizzazioni, circa 550 followers (+1 sarai TU!); inoltre ho scritto un ebook uscito il 09/03/2016 ( lo troverai nei migliori store online).

In three months my blog has generated thousands of views , about 550 followers ( +1 will be you !  ) ; I also wrote an ebook released on 03.09.2016 ( you will find  it on the best online store ) .


Sei curioso di scoprire la trama?(Una formula magica per riscoprire la felicità) Allora visita



Are you curious to find out the plot ? ( A magic formula to rediscover happiness ) Then visit




Bambini lo siamo stati tutti e forse lo saremo per sempre. Le mani nella marmellata le mettiamo ancora e che importa se per la fretta lasciamo sulle labbra un microscopico indizio, puntualmente individuato da chi ci sta di fronte in quel momento. Il proposito di questo testo è un incentivo a rallentare, anche solo per piccoli attimi, al fine di riscoprire la fragranza di quei teneri momenti, di quei fili di felicità che se rivissuti alla moviola (come petali di rosa) donano (davvero) brividi di adrenalina positiva. Una raccolta di pensieri ed esperienze dell’autore, i cui temi fondamentali sono felicità e creatività.

The plot is:

We have all been kids and maybe we will be forever young . We still put our hands in the cookie jar and we don’t care  if we leave tiny clues on our lips out of haste , promptly identified by those we face at that moment . The purpose of this text is an incentive to slow down , if only for small moments , in order to rediscover the fragrance of those tender moments , of those threads of happiness that if relived in slow motion ( like rose petals ) really give  chills of positive adrenaline . A collection of  the author’s thoughts and experiences of the author , whose main themes are happiness and creativity .


Threads of happiness(Abstract)

This book was born on a day when my son, Lorenzo, while playing in the garden of a shopping center, at one point running towards me, asked me a few coins. When I asked him what he wanted to do with it, he replied with his glittering eyes full of tenderness, “I want to make a little dog happy.” He  they needed  the money to buy food to “Fulvetto”; That’s the name he had given the  stray dog that had approached him while he was playing. Very gently and euphoric he held near that little dog, he looked at him, caressed him, talked to him, but all of a sudden my little boy fell silent. When Lorenzo is so quiet I can feel a sweet fear, because I know that he is about to ask a very difficult question to which I will have to answer. And the question , arrived: “Dad, why men are not as happy as Fulvetto?” How could I answer this I could  question with the first thing I could think of? Lorenzo is a six and a half years bou so I told him: “Look, Lorenzo,it is a difficult question but I will give you an answer. But not now just, leave me some time and I will answer your question. Meanwhile some people gathered, all around us he gathered some. They looked happy while looking  at a happy child (who, in turn, had  made someone happy) running and play along with that little dog (in short, a sum of happiness!). What such a wonderful  emotion in feeling , the essence of happiness tangibly spreading among us. (A real contagion, I would say) So I began to really think about why people are not happy. I thought about it a lot, but then being a good mathematician I came to the conclusion that total happiness does not exist, but there are many little threads of happiness. Then I decided to answer  my son’s  question  in the form of a story, entitled “threads of happiness” The goal that I gave  myself  as a blogger (or writer this is up to you) is sharing this story (since  writing is a form of sharing which tells of those little threads of happiness (sometimes not taken into account) that make us feel really well. The special feature of this ebook is that while writing the stories depicting the small pleasures of life, I was inspired by your blogs (so I will quote you and will put the appropriate links to them). I hope that this will make you happy (perhaps it will be another thread of happiness ). See you soon

II (Next to the fireplace)

In all the old cultures, the supreme moment of life has always been to be together around the fire while eating the meal. A cult that we no longer find  lost in today’s society, and that in my humble opinion it is necessary to revive. I mean we should sit at the table, while eating the poetry of food, talking of the events of the day. Children tells of their school day, whilist parents talk about  the things that happened during their working hours, all projected from that moment, in the future, planning what to do at the weekend, or talking about our plans for holidays when summer approaches. I find that sharing our experience of everyday life (the ancients did it around the fire) we do it by the fireplace , and (why not?) adding  interludes  that enrich and give a nice contribution to this ancestral fragment of life.

This chapter, the second of this book, was born thanks to  a blog that I follow, called  “next to the fireplace” (www.accantoalcaminoblog.org) containing  recipes which, in my opinion, are very tasty. I like to think of the work and on the outline (a mixed salad of love and passion) that is behind these dishes. Think of the precision in choosing the raw materials: buy the best vegetables, the meat of choice, the freshest seafood; and the thoroughness of their preparation. It ‘goes without saying that those who love cooking, love their food and feelings, which end up together, it on table. Personally I dare not escape the slowness of the first wise bite , because it is precisely at this stage that alchemy peeps; at this stage you can  perceive the atomic disintegration of flavors, passion and the smile of that dish. This makes me feel very HAPPY.

Every meal, no matter how simple, contains a multiplicity of stories: the story of the farmer who planted and cultivated the carrot, the fruit vendor who sold it to the market and the cook who cooked it.That vintner who has cultivated the vine and produced wine and perhaps that of the wine journey from one country to another.

And when at the end of the day, the family members sit at the  at the table to share the simple life experience of enjoying a meal  inevitably they interweave their stories and simultaneously speak of other stories.I would that define a mix of happiness threads which let us share and tell our life.

Io ce la sto facendo: forse potresti farcela anche tu!

La strategia della pagina degli ospiti  è la seguente:

  1. Creazione di una pagina degli ospiti all’interno del vostro blog (se non la sai creare, scrivi a massimiliano.demaio@libero.it e ti dirò come fare.)

  2. baratto del link del blog ( il tuo link sul mio blog, ed il mio sul tuo)

  3. ad ogni link sarà ancorato il messaggio del tuo blog( slogan che fa capire le cose di cui parli)

I ‘m getting along well with it : maybe you could do it too !

The guest  page strategy  is as follows :

1. Creating a guest page within your blog ( if you do not know how to create it , write to massimiliano.demaio@libero.it and I’ll tell you how. )

2. barter of the blog link ( your link on my blog , and mine on yours)

3. every link will be anchored to the message of  of your blog  ( a slogan  suggesting the topic of your article )

Un modo veloce per conoscere i miei ospiti( interagisci con la mappa):

A quick way to get to know my guests ( interact with the map ) :


Le nostre idee rappresentano i dieci euro che ci tolgono dalla riserva. Per fare il pieno e raggiungere qualsiasi obiettivo bisogna analizzarle e strutturarle per renderle efficaci.(Quindi condividerle)

Our ideas are like  the ten Euros  we need when we are short of petrol . To get  a full tank  and achieve any goal you have to analyze and structure your ideas to make them effective . ( Then you can also share them)


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